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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Motives for the war between Islam and man-made regimes

Noor al-Din Abu Lahya

This article aims to clarify the difference between the Islamic vision of war and the positivist vision of it, whether that adopted by tyrannical and colonial regimes throughout history, or those adopted by some racist philosophical and scientific visions, and we have divided it according to the motives of wars into two parts:

The first: defensive wars, in which Islam agrees with all systems and philosophies, and it is the origin of war in Islam, and it is almost limited to it, and for this we see in the Holy Qur’an linking jihad to confronting the aggressors.

The second: the offensive war, in which Islam differs with the colonial regimes, although the history of Muslims is not free from some wrong practices associated with them.

This type of war is rejected in Islam except from one aspect, which is standing with the oppressed and supporting them, then restoring their rights without dominating them or looting their wealth, which contradicts what all man-made systems practiced, and those who advocated scientific and philosophical racism.

The Islamic view of war, the positive vision of war, racist philosophical and scientific visions about war