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Religious and Spiritual Foundations and Challenges in Facing Disasters and Calamities
Strategic Capacity of the Islamic World in Facing Disasters and Calamities
The Role of Muslim Scientists and Elites in Dealing with Disasters
The Role of Media in Informing and Promoting the Culture of Cooperation in the Occurrence of Disasters and Calamities
Threats and Opportunities of Cyberspace in the Coronavirus Era for the Muslim Communities
The Post-Corona World and New Political, Social and Cultural Scenarios in the Islamic World
The Cultural, Economic and Political Challenges of the West Facing the Coronavirus Pandemic

34th International Islamic Unity Conference

Instructions for Participating in Regional Webinars

Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak, holding all conferences and seminars in the present year has faced many problems. The International Islamic Unity Conference which has been held every year at the week of unity, coinciding with the birthday of the holy Prophet of Islam (SAW), will be influenced by this issue and therefore, the organizers of the conference decided to hold the 34th Conference in the form of webinar.

On this basis, the International Islamic Unity Conference will be held in the form of webinar for the first time. Also, on the occasion of the celebration of the Week of Unity, 8 regional webinars will be held as follows:

1. West Asia 2. The Sub-Continent 3. East Asia 4. Northern Africa 5. Southern Africa 6. Turkey, Russia and the Commonwealth Countries 7. The Americas 8. Europe

You can participate the webinars after registration and getting a username and password.