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• Just War and Just Peace
• Islamic Brotherhood and Countering Terrorism
• Religious Freethinking, Acceptance of Denominational Ijtihad and Confronting Takfir and Extremism
• Islamic Empathy and Sympathy and Avoidance of Tensions and Conflicts
• Mutual Respect between Islamic Denominations, Observance of the Etiquettes of Difference and Avoidance of Quarrels, Desecration and Insults
• Explaining the Unified Islamic Nation and Islamic Countries Union and Reviewing and Analyzing the Proposed Model
• The Honoring Ceremony of Ayatollah Taskhiri
• Palestine and Islamic Resistance

35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Conference News

Final Communique of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference

In the Name of God, the Compassionate the Merciful
Indeed, this community of yours is one community, and I am…


Mamusta Abdul Salam Karimi: “Islamic Unity, A Strategy Rather Than Tactic in Islamic Republic”

Advisor of Iran's President in Ethnic Groups and Religious Minorities Affairs, delivering speech at the closing…


Hujjat-Ul- Islam Shahriari “US-Led Arrogant Powers, in Pursuit of Sparking War in Muslim World”

Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought denounced the US-led arrogant powers…


Qalibaf at Closing Ceremony of 35th International Islamic Unity Conference Held in Tehran: “Islamic Proximity Movement, Unified Voice of Muslims Against Extremism, Takfir”

The closing ceremony of the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference was held at IRIB gathering hall in the…


Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi: World Countries Follow Example of Islam in Building Coalitions

The world today sees unity as a sacred goal as well as a serious necessity for overcoming great challenges. That is…


Muhammad Akbar Shah Qaderi Cheshti: “Muslims Should Unite on Political, Social Spheres”

The founder and president of Cheshti Foundation from Pakistan warned world Muslims of difficult days ahead if they…


Mamusta Aref Enayati: “Baqi Cemetery, Unifying Point for Islamic Denominations”

An Iranian Sunni cleric called Baqi cemetery as the commonality of all Muslims, after holy Qur’an and Ahlul Bayt (AS…


Mayor of Tehran, Alireza Zakani: “Enemies Spare No Effort to Spark Civil War in Islamic Nation”

Mayor of Tehran slammed enemies of Islam spare no effort to harass the world of Islam with civil war and…


Hujjat-Ul-Islam Shahriari: “Scholars Should Avoid Tyrant Rulers, Enemies of Islam”

Secretary General of World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought highlighted role of scholars in…


Sheikh Ghazi Hanina: “Division, Key Objective Behind Intrigues Targeting Muslim World”

Chairman of the Assembly of Lebanese Muslim Scholars delivered the pre-sermon speech at the first Friday prayer held…