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• Just War and Just Peace
• Islamic Brotherhood and Countering Terrorism
• Religious Freethinking, Acceptance of Denominational Ijtihad and Confronting Takfir and Extremism
• Islamic Empathy and Sympathy and Avoidance of Tensions and Conflicts
• Mutual Respect between Islamic Denominations, Observance of the Etiquettes of Difference and Avoidance of Quarrels, Desecration and Insults
• Explaining the Unified Islamic Nation and Islamic Countries Union and Reviewing and Analyzing the Proposed Model
• The Honoring Ceremony of Ayatollah Taskhiri
• Palestine and Islamic Resistance

35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Meetings of the Conference

The International Islamic Unity Conference has always been the place for participation and interaction of thoughts for the influential, important and effective figures of the Islamic World, about the issue of unity. Also, from among characters involved in the field of unity and proximity including scholars, Muftis, community leaders, administrators and leaders of sects and other characters of the Islamic World have been invited to speak.