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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

The foundations of the ideological construction of terrorist Salafist groups

Nora Farhat

This article aims to clarify the foundations upon which the ideological construction of terrorist groups is based. We have seen through the extrapolation of many samples of sheikhs who are considered references to these terrorists, that the most important intellectual materials issued by these to build the intellectual personality of terrorist groups are based on three major foundations:

1 Distinction and sectarianism

2 Deception and atonement

3 Violence and terrorism

Terrorism begins, first, with regard to the person or group itself as distinct from others, and that it has the right of guardianship over them, and that it is the only victorious and surviving sect, and that it alone represents Islam.

Then it goes beyond that to judging the violators who did not comply with its guardianship, with different types of rulings, which start from deception and heresy and end with atonement.

Then it goes beyond that to the practice of violence of its various types against those who have been judged to be misguided, heresy or unbelief.

The ideology of terrorist groups, discrimination and sectarianism, misinformation and atonement, violence and terrorism