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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Islamic Unity Challenges Facing the Ummah

Wujdan Fariq Inad

It seems that the interest in the Islamic world comes from the fact that Islam has made the Arabs and Muslims a nation with a civilization whose impact still remains, and it is alive and capable of dealing with all the civilizations that fell under its banner. He began looking into the reasons that threaten his civilization with the collapse, and concluded that the Islamic world will be a major cause of its downfall and collapse, because he believes that Islamic civilization is one of the civilizations that challenge Western civilization and will be in conflict with it in the future.

Islam is the first enemy that Western civilization fears from. Whenever Islamic unity returns to be the link between the Islamic world, it will make it a force capable of competing and excelling over Western civilization, because it will achieve political independence that liberates Muslims from Western economic and military domination, and then Islamic civilization will rise and Western civilization will be diminished.

The research will address the following topics:

First: Characteristics of Islamic Civilization (Dialogue, Humanity and Universality)

Second: Islamic unity challenges facing the Ummah.

Islamic Civilization, Islamic Unity, Western Civilization, Economic and Military