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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Islamic union from the Quranic concept: the way to avoid division and conflict

Ali Abul Khair

The Islamic Ummah is living in a unique exceptional situation, division and conflict between Muslims, and the international Zionism struggle, and therefore, the way to address this miserable matter is an Islamic Union, far from division and competition, and the Holy Qur’an and the purified Sunnah, is the way to that desired union.

Islamic unity comes as the first goal of the Islamic call, because the Holy Qur’an urges in many places the necessity of the unity of Ummah, for its elevation, and for the sake of human dignity.

And when we talk about the unity of the Ummah, we must not forget the dangers that face the entire Ummah and its different sects, and the sons of the Ummah must reunite and work to achieve that desired unity, because the Qur’an urged it, and because reality requires it, and in all Islamic angles it is a lofty goal that Muslims must adhere to.

And as the Holy Qur’an acknowledged unity, the hadiths of the Prophet came calling for it and preaching it.

In this study, we write about Islamic unity from the point of view of the two major sects of Muslims, namely the Imami sect and the Khilafah sect, that is, the one that adopts the Caliphate school and the one that adopts the Ahl al-Bayt school.

The Islamic Ummah, conflict among Muslims, Zionist Enemy