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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

The role of Islamic resistance in confronting the domination of global arrogance

Mehdi Zarrinfar

In today’s world, we are witnessing deterring policies of global arrogance against Islamic society. The Islamic society with its brilliant history of civilization brought scientific, political and economic developments to the fore, the basis of which was derived from religious teachings and prophetic manners. Throughout history, the internal divisions of the Islamic society and the conspiracies of the arrogant people who sought to plunder the material and spiritual wealth of the Islamic society caused serious damage to the unity of the Islamic society. At the present time, the Mujahideen of the Islamic societies formed the Resistance Front to confront the conspiracies of global arrogance and achieved victories in the political, military and economic fields. In the current critical situation, we see that the Islamic Resistance, as a religious belief and thought, while reviving the dignity of Islamic society, has been the vanguard of historical developments in the contemporary era.

Resistance, dignity, the Islamic world, global arrogance