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• Religious Freethinking, Acceptance of Denominational Ijtihad and Confronting Takfir and Extremism
• Islamic Empathy and Sympathy and Avoidance of Tensions and Conflicts
• Mutual Respect between Islamic Denominations, Observance of the Etiquettes of Difference and Avoidance of Quarrels, Desecration and Insults
• Explaining the Unified Islamic Nation and Islamic Countries Union and Reviewing and Analyzing the Proposed Model
• The Honoring Ceremony of Ayatollah Taskhiri
• Palestine and Islamic Resistance

35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Islamic empathy and avoidance of tensions and conflicts

Dr. Mahmoud Veisi, Somayeh Amini

The history of human life has been associated with strife, war and bloodshed from the very beginning. Due to this, it has caused a lot of financial, psychological and human losses. Establishing peace and resolving conflicts has always been a human concern. Hence, many scientists have proposed various theories. Some heads of state, government and thinkers have spoken of peace, a peace in which war, bloodshed and looting are sometimes allowed. However, the religion of Islam, by offering solutions based on the book and tradition, offers the solution of the problem to resolve wars and conflicts in human societies, which can be followed by managing world societies in the light of peace. To understand this, we need to carefully examine the solutions and how to implement them in the community. Islamic empathy and avoidance of tensions and conflicts is one of the practical ways to achieve Islamic unity and convergence and ultimately peace and reconciliation. This article tries to study the semantic relations and its role in strengthening Islamic unity by using the verses of the Holy Quran and the hadiths of the Prophet and the descriptive-analytical method, because Islam has considered the different dimensions and axes of human communication and the main axis of regulation of human relations and organizing it; Empathy and sympathy knows that it starts from the family and reaches the society, and this is the prelude to  lack of conflict, tension, convulsions and crisis. The religion of Islam has made benevolence and empathy its most important intellectual basis, and the Holy Quran invites society to peace in a public call.

Empathy, sympathy, peace, tension, conflict