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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

The social, cultural and economic repercussions of the wars in Islamic lands and their consequences

Maha Lotf Jammoul

“Wherever wars occur, they leave deep scars in society and their consequences last for long periods, and they often do not end with the end of the war. Noting these effects, some of them cause the collapse of the state and others directly affect families and individuals with various negative repercussions on the social, health, educational and psychological levels.

In this article, the various negative effects will be discussed, which is why it will discuss the difficulties facing young people who have been exposed to violence in its various forms and types, and will also discuss other effects at the community level, such as: school dropouts and lack of medical supplies and equipment in light of the spread and multiplication of epidemics, especially the corona virus. Such as discussing the conditions of women in war societies, where the circumstances of losing a breadwinner force them to assume heavy responsibilities and may push them to marry while they are minors.

The article will also look in general on cases of declining economic conditions, especially the impact of unemployment on living standards and the ability of individuals to live decently in appropriate urban and environmental conditions.

The article will not be satisfied with giving general descriptions about the impact of wars in general, but will perhaps touch on giving live and direct examples from the wars of the modern Islamic world in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen and their effects, with the aim of arriving at a set of recommendations that can be worked on in the period of wars and it has two objectives: the first is to reduce critical cases through direct relief work, and the second is to directly reduce future repercussions that will not be possible to restore if they are left without intervention.

Negative effects, wars of the Islamic world, reasons for choice, the most prominent repercussions