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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Sheikh Ghazi Hanina: “Division, Key Objective Behind Intrigues Targeting Muslim World”


Chairman of the Assembly of Lebanese Muslim Scholars delivered the pre-sermon speech at the first Friday prayer held after the COVID-19 pandemic in Tehran and noted that intrigues hatched in the world of Islam are all meant to divide Muslims.
Sheikh Ghazi Hanina, prominent Lebanese Sunni scholar, delivered the pre-sermon speech on Friday prayer held in Tehran during the Islamic Unity Week stressing Islamic solidarity as a necessity for the world of Islam, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).
He referred to the holy Qur'an, lifestyle of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his household Ahlul Bayt (AS) recommending solidarity among Muslims and avoiding dispersion.
Lebanese cleric warned of division as the key objective behind intrigues hatched in the world of Islam and stressed," To follow fraternity and to avoid division, are the necessary grounds for a happy life."
Sheikh Hanina highlighted the key role of Muslim clerics and said," As pioneers for the Islamic nation, scholars should detail the issues particularly those related to Islamic unity."
He called for special attention of the Muslims to their commonalities including holy Qur'an, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and Qibla (praying direction for Muslims) among many other shared assets and said," We should not exaggerate the minor differences as key issues and ignore the important commonalities among us."
Senior Lebanese cleric warned against domination of world arrogant powers as the major outcome of division among Islamic countries and said," Arrogant countries including the US and Israeli regime spare no effort in dividing Islamic states since that will pave their way for domination over the resources and capacities in the world of Islam."
A participant to the 35th International Islamic Unity Conference, Sheikh Sheikh Ghazi Yousef Hanina made the pre-sermon speech at this week's Friday prayer which was also the first prayer after the outbreak of COVID-19 in Iran.
Lebanese cleric particularly focused on the challenges threatening Islamic unity as the prayer is held during the Islamic Unity Week.