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35th International Islamic Unity Conference

Effective strategies in achieving peace and tolerance in Imam Khomeini’s political thought

Zahra Haj Kazemi Alireza Kavand

One of the most important issues that has been confirmed in religious texts and has been highly recommended by the ruler of Sharia, is the emphasis on establishing peace and tolerance. This issue has been considered by religion and science; In this regard, many verses have been revealed in the Holy Quran and numerous narrations from infallible Imams have been issued, and scholars and scientists have also created many works in this field. Imam Khomeini, during his leadership, paid attention to this issue; He believed that there are many strategies to achieve this; However, the role of all these dimensions is not the same; Rather, some factors directly or indirectly affect each other. Therefore, he tried to fulfill this important principle during his leadership by using the conduct of the Infallible Imams: 1- Modeling the life of infallible Imams. 2- Expediency. 3- Fighting the influence of rumors. 4- Preaching and advising. 5- Not starting a war, etc. The mentioned goals indicate that Imam Khomeini, given the full knowledge of the Islamic society and the tricks of the enemies of Islam, decided to achieve these things with full planning in order to establish peace and tolerance.

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