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Religious and Spiritual Foundations and Challenges in Facing Disasters and Calamities
Strategic Capacity of the Islamic World in Facing Disasters and Calamities
The Role of Muslim Scientists and Elites in Dealing with Disasters
The Role of Media in Informing and Promoting the Culture of Cooperation in the Occurrence of Disasters and Calamities
Threats and Opportunities of Cyberspace in the Coronavirus Era for the Muslim Communities
The Post-Corona World and New Political, Social and Cultural Scenarios in the Islamic World
The Cultural, Economic and Political Challenges of the West Facing the Coronavirus Pandemic
Religious and Spiritual Foundations and Challenges in Facing Disasters and Calamities
Strategic Capacity of the Islamic World in Facing Disasters and Calamities
The Role of Muslim Scientists and Elites in Dealing with Disasters

34th International Islamic Unity Conference

Regional Webinar, “East and South East Asia” (Malaysia)


Hujjat-ul-Islam wal-Muslimin Dr. Hamid Shahriari, the secretary general of The World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought

We are facing three different tsunamis. The first tsunami is the information tsunami, which has caused a significant increase in human information. Communication is the second tsunami and by 2030 five billion people will have access to new communication platforms.

Block Chain Technology is the third tsunami for human society, and the experts predict that we will not need any device to prove ownership.

We thought that the era is the cyberspace era but now the virtual space is alsp dominated by biotechnology and we’ll see that viruses will be used as warfare with more precise and accurate targeting.


Sheikh Dr. Abdul Hadi Awang, Chairman of the Malaysian Islamic Party

Subject Palestinians must by some Arab and Western countries general of the Israel every inch of Palestinian land subdued and brought into the bargain of the century and the normalization of the country will be removed if the Palestinian issue.


Dr. Mohd Nor bin Monutty, Professor at the University of Malaysia

We must first be able to resolve the smaller issues among the Muslims in order to reach the larger and principal issues. Muslims should always seek good deeds and empathy for all the people of the world, not just for Muslims. Therefore, one should not rely on religion to help one’s fellow man


Professor Maulana Azmi Abdul Hamid, President of Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organizations, Malaysia

Israel is the biggest violator of human rights supported by the most oppressive countries like the United States. The United States seeks to suppress Muslim movements in Syria and Iraq. The United States is complicit in the terrorists and Israel, and their brutality and efforts to suppress them are inconceivable. Violations of human rights in Myanmar, Kashmir, etc. cannot be ignored. I hope to make a big difference by using a common language in this regard to achieve the Qur’anic ideals and the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on human rights.


Haji Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Juned, Grand Mufti of the Kingdom of Brunei Darussalam

Throughout human history, humans have never been safe from the onslaught of creatures, including the invasion of viruses. In today’s world, God has sent us a virus that is one of the living and very precise creatures. It should be known that God has wisdom in every creature that He creates.


Dr. Jalaluddin Rakhmat, Head of the Indonesian Council of Ahlul Bayt Associations (IJABI)

The Muslim nation needs unity in order to achieve victory and success. Strengthening the unity of the Islamic world requires the collective will of Muslims, and Muslims should believe in their religious teachings to be able to approach the unity and proximity through these teachings.


Mr. Ma Zhongping, Secretary General of the China Islamic Association, PRC

An issue which is important today more than anything else in the world of Islam is training of young Muslim forces and involving them in present issues of the Islamic world and this is to the benefit of all Muslims in the world.


Dr. Zulfiqar Abantas, Secretary General of National Commission on Muslim Filipinos

The Muslims of the Philippines, including Muslims of Mindanao region, have always acted and will continue to act with unity, cooperation and constructive interaction in their religious duty to care for the deprived and to strive for the development and progress of their community.


 Professor Dr.Jaran Maluleem, Professor at Bangkok University

We must be able to overcome the problems facing the Islamic world with unity and we must not allow the enemies to infiltrate the Muslims by divergence.


Sheikh Abdul Ghani Shams al-Din, Secretary General of the Union of Asian Scholars (Malaysia)

Four schools of Sunni, Shiite, Zaidi, and Ẓahiri are recognized among Muslims and no one have the right to excommunicate them or offend them. Correction of procedures and changing the improper perspectives is an obligatory religious necessity.


H. I. Abu-Mahdi Anwari, Shia Scholar in Philippines

Corrupt agents of the United States and NATO and Zionism after the disappointment of eliminating Islam and Islamic slogans, are now provoking sedition among Islamic sects and plotting against the unity of the Islamic Ummah through the conspiracy of Shiaphobia and Sunniphobia.


Dr. Tatsu Ichi Savada, Islamic thinker and commentator in Japan

The issue of unity among Muslims is very important for the government and the country of Japan, because the Muslims of Japan can each be recognized as a representative of the Islamic rule of Japan by observing the laws.